Threshold and MMP20' too high

After adding around 10 workouts and a few tests performed on different days (MMP3’, 13’(for a short prolog coming up) & MMP20’) xert tells me my TP is 258W (which is my current MMP20’) and my MMP20’ is 270W+ which is my MMP13’ - any ideas whats going on here with this over exaggeration?

Hi Alan,

Please see the documentation on how we determine your power curve:

Using MMP will only provide an accurate power duration curve assuming all these best efforts - 20 minutes, 13 min, etc. were truly maximal meaning they started from an unfatigued state, were well paced with little variation, say +/- 3%, ended with you unable to sustain the power any longer and all were performed when your fitness was exactly the same, then you could use a statistical method as is used elsewhere. However, most often these types of best efforts simply don’t exist in the data. Efforts are irregular with high variation, that don’t start from fresh and sometimes you hit your max mid way through these high variation efforts. These become an expression of fitness (i.e. breakthrough) that Xert can locate and will provide a way to help you interpret this information . In the vast majority of cases, there are patterns you end up discovering about your ability to perform and how training affects it. Hope this helps!


This is also a good resource: