This is how we do it, or is it?

This is how I would like my BOOM!

Slowly dying, not really knowing, until I have uploaded the workout - oh, the anticipation…

Yes, there are fields, a player and what not to keep an eye on that.

Did I mention I was slowly dying, eyes closed, lest the sweat burns them out of my face, unable to be reading anything anyway?

The thing is, it wasn’t really a BT :see_no_evil:


I sometimes have those BT alerts: I check it with high anticipation and… duh, a negative BT :frowning:

Actually, in this case, the error is mine. I didn’t realize I had uploaded both BigRingVR activity AND my Tacx app registration.

Both gave a BT, but I think I blew up the system :joy: This is what I got after I deleted one of them.

(Still not much of a BT, but I’ll take it)

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When you see this minor variations (usually well below the error rate in the power data itself), it’s impossible to assess whether the signature is adjusting to the athlete’s fitness changes or the power meter is getting calibrated to the athlete.

Failure points are being predicted to within seconds of them happening. Cool huh?

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Absolutely. I have no use for a Watt or KJ more or less, here or there, but the kick of the “BREAKTHROUGH!” remark is welcomed after a hard effort :sunglasses:

The feelings you get with a BT can be conflicting… You’re happy when you get a real one, but then you realize that your next workouts will be harder. That feeling when you get a 10+W TP…

I never get those, but when I do, I immediately overwrite them :joy:

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