Thinks I'm always tired

Xert has been showing me as very tired for a while now, even though I actually have a training deficit. I HAVE trained the last couple days but I rested for several days before that. I am a 1 star rider but have been using xert for a month and have plenty of data in the system. I have bumped up my freshness meter but that has had no effect on recommended workouts.

You are in the Build phase of your program and have chosen a Moderate-2 weekly improvement rate . You have a Training Deficit of 76 XSS points requiring approximately 1.3 hours of training or about 1.1 activities/workouts. Sustaining this improvement rate will require about 5.5 hours of training per week based on your recent training history. Estimated training needed is 1.3 hours / 1.1 activities .
Advice is based on your recent activities performed on Wednesdays as of 11:59 pm

What changes in workouts are you expecting?

Will be driven by:

  • your athlete type (if you have a long focus athlete type e.g. triathlete, even in build you’ll be getting more endurance workouts still i.e. little change from base)
  • how far you are in to build (at the start it’s close to endurance, towards the end closer to your athlete type)
  • training load / ability to handle difficulty - Xert won’t recommend workouts with difficultly significantly above your training load, and there are not many 1 or 2 star short focus workouts. Those that exist have low XSS so may not be prioritised by XATA… so you may still get a bias towards endurance…

If you think you need and can handle harder workouts, use the filter to get more difficult workouts (probably start with one a week, maybe up to 3 stars, if new to the intensity). Worst case you fail the workout or need a long time to recover, but live and learn :slight_smile: If they are really too hard, stick with endurance workouts to build more of a base

As @wescaine suggests use the workout filter to challenge yourself and experiment independent of athlete type selected or current status level (stars). Workouts are now rated by diamonds to indicate difficulty rather than strictly paired by status stars.
If you haven’t performed a BT workout search the workout library for “breakthrough” and try one even if you can’t finish each interval completely.
Running a deficit day to day is normal and recalculates weekly. Your goal isn’t to wipe out the deficit, but to keep the pacer needle pointing up within the inner grey band.
Xert is attempting to learn your weekly pattern of training with days off as needed.