The Xert Player App for ConnectIQ error

my Xert Player App for ConnectIQ stopped working over the weekend. i was able to authenticate and have the workout downloaded via bluetooth over the phone but 2 second after i started the workout the screen turned black with just an “IQ?” symbol in the middle and i have a message that the workout has ended. could someone let me know what is wrong? i tried updating the app and I made sure the garmin connect is uptodate as well already/

Which workout were you trying to play?

Hello, the same thing happened to me … my training was sweet spot @87% Classic 2x20…

A new version of the app has been posted to the app store. Are you able to try it and verify that your issues are resolved? Thanks.

Hi, new version OK thanks

think the problem is related to ant+ connections. I had Garmin pick up the cadence from my tacx Neo speed/cadence channel and the cert app picking up the trainer channel when the error occurred. once I turned the speed/cadence channel off. it worked fine. but now I don’t have cadence on my screen.

If the speed/cadence are on the same ANT+ id as the trainer then unfortunately this isn’t supported as the trainer is setup in the app and there would be a conflict between our app and the sensors configured on the Garmin. Perhaps when Garmin addresses some of the current API limitations for trainer control, this will get resolved.

it was on a different ant+ channel number. but it seems to be working now even with the 2 channels active with the new upgrade