The System was unable to to extract a fitness signature message

Hi I just done the workout “SMART-Somebody told me” now i found the interval efforts pretty hard and as a result i ended up reducing the resistance level on the Garmin by about 7% for some of the intervals, (just started to use the Garmin workout player and its pretty nifty) anyway, i also went for a sprint on the last interval to see if my MPA was achievable. looking at the data on the link <```
it appeared my MPA didn’t come down as much as i felt it should have given the effort i put in so i went to change the 3 signature values by about -7% to see if I could make a more representative signature for my ability on the day, but when trying to extract signature it gave me the error “The System was unable to extract a fitness signature” any advice thanks

If your breakthroughs are pointy (short, sharp efforts), the algorithm can complain this way. You can use the Refresh button rather than Extract to avoid this. This will apply your signature to the data rather look for one like the Extract feature does. Try that and see if you can find something that you feel is better. Note that for 99.9% of the time, this isn’t necessary.

Thanks Armando, ive made a few tweaks to bring it all down a little to reflect what i felt i am able to do at the moment mostly lowered the HIE as i wasn’t able to perform for as long on each of the efforts at the specified intensity, i take it that these minor user tweaks will be lost in the noise as it were as Xert gathers more future ride data? i done a race a few days previous and it was near bang on then, as too was the Garmin fields for TTE and MPA so im probably not at my best anyway but i didn’t want the intensity to ramp up to a point where interval efforts were not sustainable during workouts if that makes sense

See how it goes. Just remember that if you get a breakthrough and you get a new signature, you should train with it. What you can adjust is the choice in workout difficulty.

will do cheers