The single flaw

One thing and one thing only is holding me back from using Xert to its fullest potential; Entering valid XSS values for workouts without power data available… Luckily now I have power meters available on every single bike I use, but I have years of previous training when this was not the case and I still do quite a bit of running intervals during winter time. I don’t want to manually input guesstimate values, I don’t want to use hrTSS or rTSS values as found on TrainingPeaks and I certainly don’t want to input all those numbers manually! You really do NEED to implement a method of importing workouts without power data and provide a proper XSS based on heart rate (in relation to previous workouts uploaded that does have power data). When will this be implemented?

Hi Mathias. It is not possible to determine XSS from basic heart rate without a more sophisticated model. If we were to do this, we might as well go back 10 years to what was being done then for training. (This is not how we do things here). We do have plans to implement something quite a bit better that we is available today. Not a simple solution unfortunately. It is a priority for us and is on our near term roadmap.

Oh, how I do like the last part of your comment! :slight_smile: Keep up the good work, but please hurry up with it as well!