The Making of a UCI World Champion


Sorry but I’m just not a fan of e sports. It’s just not cycle racing to me. Zwift is just a game.

Excellent write up, enjoyed reading it.

Interesting to see her training load was 76 at the peak. isn’t this kind of low? Or was it because she was already very fit to start with?

I would guess she has additional training activity outside Xert

It might just be that low. No reason for her to have any training outside of Xert.

Excellent walkthrough demonstrating the capabilities of Xert. :+1:
From route profiling to focused progression, BT’s, XMPC, taper, race analysis, and more.

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I don’t think the fact that it’s Zwift makes it less relevant. It’s a massive success story of someone who really gets Xert, and was able to use the platform to train and perform at the highest of levels. Breakthrough on the line to win the World Championship…doesn’t get any better than that!


I’m not really into Zwift either. But lets not marginalize the accomplishment.

OK, so she’s riding her bike through a digital blue tunnel surrounded by lava. Silly, right? The point is she’s doing it at a TP of 5.7 watts per kg against other people that have similar fitness profiles and a strong desire to beat her.

If you don’t think this is a real race, consider that she beat Ashleigh Moolman for the win. Have you looked at Moolman’s palmaris? Yeah.

Indoors, outdoors, anydoors - this girl is a fierce competitor and will tear your legs off in a bike race if you sell her short because “she’s just a Zwifter”. :slight_smile: