The estimation of my FTP is questionable

From one day to another my FTP raises after one workout from 182 to 198. Can it be, that Xert underestimated my FTP for many weeks? The Zwift Ramp-Test estimated my FTP with 240. I am disappointed with the experience i made today. Which value is right for me to train with?

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Not 240W. You had a breakthrough today and the system updated your FTP (and HIE too). You saw an improvement as a result of your training. That’s what breakthroughs help you see. This is normal. Training makes your FTP, HIE and PP go up (or go down if you don’t train enough).

Congrats and keep up the great training.

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Hi, thank you for your reply. Now i have the same problem just in a greater extend. My FTP jumped from 206 (30-03-2020) to 256 (01-04-2020). Can you please check the numbers?
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For individual account issues you are best off filing a support request by emailing:
That starts a support ticket and alerts the Xert team you need assistance.
This site is more of a community forum. The ticket method ensures a timely response.

I’m curious as to what equipment you are using with Xert.
What brand/model power meter(s) and trainer?
Seems like the inconsistency may be equipment related.

ok - i will do so.
I use a tacx neo.