Thanks XERT Mastering lesson!

Hi, i have completed the first part of the video of XERT Mastering lesson. Now, I admit, despite some gaps in my English, that I have a much better understanding of how XERT works and how to best use it. I am really happy, I hope these initiatives can continue. And if, one day, it were possible to introduce subtitles in other languages ​​(perhaps Italian …), it would be, for me, the best ! Thanks XERT ! Thanks Scott Steele. @ManofSteele :hugs:

  1. Start the video.
  2. Turn off sound.
  3. Click on CC (closed captions).
  4. Click on Settings, Subtitles, Auto-translate.
  5. Select your preferred language.

Watch and enjoy. :slight_smile:


Thans so much @ridgerider2 !!!