Tell us about yourself

Title says it all really.

I’m rubbish at cyclocross, so it’s a good job I’m a bridge engineer the rest of the time.

Living in Edinburgh (Scotland).


Fun thing!

I’m dabbling with triathlon for the moment, going into my third base season for it. Mid packer, not knowing if I should keep going or just keep on running and biking for the fun of it.

otherwise I’m studying Physiotherapy, wanna go into sports later on :slight_smile:

Sweden, Uppsala!


Getting into programming, time crunched cyclist, kept coming back to Xert, desperately need a Garmin and a PM to make full use of the service :smiley:


Hey everyone! You’ve probably seen me hanging around quite a bit, but might not know much about my background, so I’ll pitch in on this thread. :slight_smile:

I’m currently working on my M.Sc. in Applied Health Sciences (Kinesiology) at Brock University in Ontario, Canada. My thesis project is looking at some novel Critical Power modeling (if anyone knows any trained cyclists in the Niagara region, I’m recruiting :wink: ). I first got into cycling from Triathlon, but mostly ride for general fitness these days, since school comes first. However, I will be training for some ultra gravel events (300-400km) next summer, so I’m looking forward to that!


Masters gravel racer desperately trying to get in the best physical condition possible…

I run a small printing company.

Living in New Hampshire, USA


Lol and I actually thought you’re employed at Xert :joy:

I’m working on a collaboration/internship with them currently as a part of my Master’s. It’s a cool platform that I get to be a part of!


Hi Everyone,

Engineer, father of 2 trying to find some time to improve my fitness and complete a couple of triathlon and cycling events next year.

I am located in Germany.


62 year old - just moved to a 3 day working week - I have worked in IT all my working life and now look after Software Asset Management (licenses).

Primarily interested in time trials but that is only because it gives me a purpose to train. I am not particularly enthused about going outside and I am quite happy on my turbo in the garage.


First read about Xert a few years ago on Pez Cycling but didn’t have a power metre. Once I picked one up the nerd within me wanted to try Xert out.

I’ve ridden a bike all my life. I was a bike courier for a good chunk of my twenties. After I graduated I moved to a new city to be with the woman who is now my wife. 2 kids and 30 pounds later I dont have a lot of spare time to ride (just 1 hard ride on the weekend while running into work as a commute)

How have I been using Xert? I love the calculated ftp. I don’t want to waste a ride doing a test! Also, absolutely love the MPA screen on my garmin. I use it to ride in HIE to bring down the score and then attack myself on the hills. Average power and normalized power are way up from when I first started using it. Threshold is creeping up nicely. Weight is slowly creeping back down.

I find these hard solo rides are now tougher than the aggressive group rides I did all summer. I feel faster and look forward to beating my previous best power curve on each ride.