TED Questions

Two questions…

Been using XERT for a few months, enjoying immensely.

Been using in continuous mode with alternating moderate-1 and maintain profiles. When switching to a TED, does it ratchet back the intensity for base phase? I’ve never been through that sort of program and I’m wondering being that I’ve been doing the usual mix of xata recommended rides.

2nd question, how does Xert manage a TED plan without knowing the type of event being trained for? In my example it’s a Century ride with about 8k of climbing. Doesn’t that info make a difference?

First question: yes, intensity will be endurance if you follow XATA recommendations in base

Second question: via athlete type, which affects focus duration of high intensity workouts during build and peak phases. Worth searching the forum on athlete type as it causes confusion… I’d go at least for climber if not gc specialist for the event you describe (and not century rider, else you’ll never do any higher intensity stuff, which has benefits even if you ride your event mostly well below TP)

Thanks. I chose GC Specialist in general based on my signature generated when I did this ride last year.

My question still remains, without knowing what I am training for, how can it recommend things like duration and mileage. When I train for this ride I’m usually increasing the mileage so I have at least one long weekly ride which tops out at least 70 miles towards the end. Time in the saddle and all.

Is it just about setting the progress rate to a point that has x hours weekly at the end?

Last, can I skip base phase if I’m already riding all winter on a continuous or challenge plan? If yes, how?

Yes it’s about ramp rate in that case. Just need to take care re available hours as the required hours to maintain the higher ramp rate will keep growing as TL grows (by definition) and you may reach a ceiling of available hours. You may not want that peak TL too early before your event (as you’ll then burn energy just on maintenance)?

The way to skip base is to choose a TED that is just far enough to put you into the build phase. But if you are doing continuous with GC specialist focus, even moving to build will result in some lower intensity - is that what you want? The other side of that, is do you want to be doing high intensity all through winter… all the way up to your event… you could instead do a long base in winter (continuous or challenge with e.g. sprint time triallist focus) and then add intensity later (either by following periodisation, or just changing athlete type and staying on continuous)

Thank you, honestly never thought about it that way. I’d really just like to maintain my fitness level throughout the winter with some small gain to TP. Once it gets warmer and I can do the long outdoor rides I start increasing my intensity and time in prep for the century(s) in August. My riding is more about just staying active and fit rather than events, but those two (or three) late spring and end of summer events are what keeps me motivated all year.

Usually have my big event in July and August although this year I am thinking about doing GFNY in mid May.