Tech issues

first time using a training app and all was going well in the trial period then my tacx wheel on smart trainer died and I’ve borrowed a friends tacx flux1 direct drive which was ok at first but over the last few weeks the issue of resistance dropping/slipping has got worse and worse. i train in a outbuilding which has got wifi and I’ve tried training with the app on my iPhone with bluetooth and also via garmin 520 and Ant+. The trainer can take time and many attempts to connect to bluetooth, is there a problem with the trainer? Ive ordered a elite direto and hoping i don’t have the same issues.

Any help appreciated

Hi Wayne,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing difficulties with the app. Can you reach out to our support team directly? We’ll be happy to help you from there!


Hi Scott, happy to reach out to the support team, I’m not entirely sure how but I’m reaching out! You may be able to tell I’m a Neanderthal when it comes to tech

Regards Wayne

Contact to file a support request.

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