TCX files "with no power data"


I am having trouble uploading TCX files that have power data. The system reports that that do not have power data.

I don’t have the problem with FIT files but Trainer Road App allows only TCX downloads.

I managed to sync yesterdays WO via TR -> Strava -> Xertonline but this is not a happy solution.


Hi George. Email your TCX file and we’ll have a look to see what’s happening.

Thanks so much! Will do!

I’m sure the site developers have a lot on their plate right now but a sync solution via would be sweet. Currently I use it to sync 5 websites and Dropbox (for Golden Cheetah). Tapiriik syncs 15 different exercise tracking websites (if I counted right)

Hi George,

We’ve made a change today that hopefully will address your issue. Can you try syncing your TCX file(s) again?

Hi Patrick – will do!

Hi Guys – working now :slight_smile: