Target Power Timer Garmin Datafield

Hi there, I have been using the platform now for a while and like it a lot (an am constantly improving my fitness level :smile: ) I mostly ride outdoors but still try to follow the training recommendations by the training advisor or by checking and roughly copying the recommended workouts, so usually I memorize a certain power target and a matching interval duration, and try to implement those intervals in my ride (when reaching a suitable hill or with sprints).
So this leads me to my question: Does anybody know of a data field for Garmin, where I could set a Target in W before the ride, then each time when during the ride I reach this target and stay above it a timer would start counting up (and jump back to zero once you drop below the target)? In my opinion this would help with intervals outdoors without all the fuss of a structured workout and could also be used to increase the values on one’s power-curve.

There is a data field called ‘Time to Exhaustion’ that I believe would do the trick for you.

If you search Xert in Connect IQ it should pop up along with a few other data fields.

Hi Joe, I used “Time to Exhaustion” already, although I’m not 100% sure how it works in detail (got a bit confused by the settings) I’m pretty sure it’s different than what im looking for. While “Time to Exhaustion” shows you how long you could ride at a specified Wattage, I’m looking for a field showing how long I already was riding at or above that Watts.
Several data fields show the accumulated time in the various power zones, wheras here I would like to see only the timer for the present interval.
So e.g. when the Training Advisor tells me to do intervalls at 380W, I could set this value as threshold in the datafield, when i start my intervall and reach the 380W, the field would start counting up showing mm:ss as long as im above 380W, I could so time my intervall duration easily (or try to outdo previous efforts), as soon as i drop below 380 W the timer stops, showing the duration, then resetting and restarting at 00:00 when I reach 380W again…

one option you might like to consider is a small android phone (or iphone maybe and use it for the Xert EBC app. it does allow free rides and will show you the MPA (which is similar to and more importantly what you are using in Xert). There are others here more familiar with the app in real life but the app works on the Karoo 2 bike computer and again you can see the rainbow dial for the MPA depletion with time or see the MPA deplete with time.

Something worth considering

I would (and do) just use the lap button in that case, and put it on another screen / page of your garmin. You can set up fields to show current and lap average power, along with lap time, to even more precisely hit your target. You can show MPA and TTE if it’s above TP and you’re planning to go really hard, but I usually don’t bother.

(The problem I see with the timer as described in the OP is that a temporary drop in power, eg if the road flattens, would reset the timer, which probably isn’t what you want)

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Thanks for the advice. I also thought about this before, but was looking for a “automatic” solution (i agree with the problem you describe, which maybe could be solved with some tolerance margin (if you dont drop further than X watts for max. y sec the timer continues).
I will try it the way you describe with a separate page with lap information (lap-timer, max, current, avg. power maybe MPA and TTE), however I will have to find out how it works to press the lap button constantly, specially at the begining and end of hard sprints without falling off the bike :wink:

What about this:

This shows the amount of XSS (strain) for the ride. The workouts have a target XSS. I think you can ride hard enough to hit the target XSS and then for remaining distance, ease up.