Target Power line in the graphic not show

Hi. I ride some workouts w/ XERT Player on my Edge 1030. After my return and the syncronicity w/ Garmin Connect and Strava, in the XERT Activity Page, isn’t possible watch the line of the Target Power, i have select the option for see, but the line of TP not appaers. I have refreshed the page, disconnected and reconeccted in my XERT, but nothing… the same problem. The same exact problem, is for the question of the download the activity: impossible, i not have the option. In other training/workout, this, is possible and in this i see the target power line. Thanks for support. Corrado, Italy.

I wonder if this is a bug related to the Garmin player… in the past I used the garmin player, and I just went back and checked, and also don’t see target power in those activity charts. I now use the iOS app, and there I do see target power… doesn’t help you, but at least you know it’s not just you

Thanks so much for your advise. I not have the possibility use my iPhone in my ride, i have the Edge 1030 w/ XERT Player. Is very strange: in some activities i see the possibility of download the fit and see Power Target line, in other activities i not be able for dl the fit and i not see the line TP in the graphic chart… mistery… Thanks again. BR. C.