Target goal, improvement rate - question

Hi :slight_smile:

I have a question for more experienced players using the XERT platform.
From September, out of curiosity, I created a “Plan” with the target date for December 31, 2020. :wink:
I was curious how XERT would guide me.
In the meantime, out of even greater curiosity, I shortened the achievement of the “goal” on November 15, 2020.
And now I am a kind of a freelancer.

More realistically at the moment, I have set myself a “goal” on May 31, 2021.
I noticed that XERT in the “ATA” section does not have the “Focus” and “Target goal” lines, and the “Phase” line has “Pre-base”.
And it is rather understandable to me.

And here a dilemma arises for me:

  • how to set the “Improvement rate” (Off-season, Maintenance, Slow)?
  • out of curiosity, so far I have set “Off season” and the only thing that has changed is the forecasted achievements on a scale of 6 weeks and on the day of achieving the goal (the latter surprised me).

And an additional technical question - being “Pre-base” after doing an activity (not a workout) in the “XERT” application on an Android smartphone - isn’t a graphic with the parameters of this activity sent to Strava?
The only thing that happened was the activity itself, without any graphics, and I don’t know if it’s because of the “Pre-base” or some “hiccup” on the side of Strava and a one-off incident.

best regards

Would really just choose one that is in line with the amount of time you have… it basically affects your XSS ramp rate per week, and is described in more detail here. Note that the hours will increase over time so whatever you choose, if it’s increasing XSS, you’ll eventually run out of hours and need to reduce the IR (or keep increasing intensity, but there are limits there too). If IR is too high you may also end up spending a lot of time with yellow training status (with endurance recommendations), however you can get around that using the freshness slider assuming you feel up to it.

Not sure re: your Android graphic issue, but wouldn’t expect program phase to make a difference. Would check that you’re only syncing to Strava from Xert, and not from some other device in parallel (which may get there quicker, and wouldn’t have the graphics).

How program phase and target event date work is explained here for info. I would choose a target event date that puts me in ‘base’ phase so you can already start building endurance with some structure, but up to you. Pre-base is more random around your target athlete focus.

Regarding how to approach a future event that is further away that one cycle, there are other posts on the forum… some would do an extra long base (by pushing the date out when you reach the end of base), some would go through two complete base-build-peak cycles… I’d probably do the latter, or at least find some way to include some intensity even during base, but I’m not a coach and there are plenty of opinions out there!