Target Event Time


I’m in my taper week and noticed the target event is scheduled for midday. The actual event starts at 7 am though. I can’t seem to update it in planner. (Change it to 7 am, press save and when I open it again it says 12:00 pm again)

It’s probably minor but I imagine 5 hours difference may change recommendations around timing or duration of the activities leading in and I’ve come this far so would want to eke out the last little benefit.

Any tips?

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Hi @AlexTK90 , good question! There isn’t any way to modify the start time at the moment. TBH, It wouldn’t make a huge difference, probably just minor differences in the final taper so that form is at the correct value for the start of the activity.

I can add it to the backlog as something for us to consider in a future update.