Target Event Success!

Using xert for 3 months approximately, during the base i done maybe 3 indoor workouts per the recommendation and build i done probably 2 workouts indoors per the build, the peak phase i cherry picked and just done V02 style and supra threshold 2 times a week indoors. I was also mostly in deficit XSS during this phase, recommended training was just too much to handle. Was riding Z2 and endurance outside as well the whole time.

Target event was today. Galway Classic Race Cat3 . It was Irelands version of a spring classic. I thought my bike was going to explode a few times how bad and hard the sectors were.

Anyways target event success came 2nd. Couldn’t be happier thx Xert !


Congrats! and we appreciate the positive feedback.

Fantastic! You should share the MPA chart from your activity!

The MPA doesn’t show i needed to do a max effort ever, but that was down to fitness increasing and i had 2 BTs in my last 2 weeks of training . At about 1hour 30 is were we stuck the break, technical gravel descent into a hard short climb.

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