Target Event Date

For those of us that don’t race could we have the target event date default to 1 month + which would motivate (at least me) to plan one month of training ahead? Or some reasonable plan interval based on best practice?

Great idea. Now how to we show this with making it confusing?

instead of event date could we call it “training horizon” and for people who don’t set it it would show as “default training horizon” like this:
event date not set: “Threshold Power: NNN W | Projected at N Week Training Horizon: NNN W”
event date set: “Threshold Power: NNN W | Projected at Target Event Date: NNN W”

optionally maybe we could allow people to set a “training horizon” of some N weeks (2/4/8) depending on how far ahead they want to plan. …

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That’s cool. Nice suggestion.