Target Event date not sticking

If I update and save this I find it’s gone back to the earlier date when I return to Xert after say 24 hours. Also noticed my sig calculator values (and the Garmin CIQ code) fall over time if I am not adding any new activities / workouts for a day or two. Does this to happen to reflect the falling training load? Curious as any future events added adopt the sig of my most recent activity in the table and progression graph regardless of their XSS value or number of day ahead. Thanks.

Hello John. We’re looking into the issue with your TED not sticking. The signature values decline when you don’t express your fitness signature via a breakthrough. The enables the system to track changes in your fitness signature parameters over time. It is intentional.

Many thanks Armando that makes good sense! Not really sure what the sig value the system places on a future event is telling me - once initially set it doesn’t seem to change to reflect a current or predicted value.

Can you explain further what you’re seeing?

Yes Armando, I was expecting the sigs of future events in the table and progression graph to trickle down in the progression along with actual events until removed, replaced or time lapsed. When I create a future event by dragging a favourite activity or workout (or adding manually) to the calendar the sig values (PP HIE TP) of my most recently recorded activity are added to the future event (and appear along with the event in the table and on the sig progression graph). These values then remain fixed for the duration. They don’t change to reflect any progression - ie how the current sig value would be increased or decreased by the XSS and timing of each future event. So apart from reminding me what my sig was immediatley prior to their creation what are they telling me?

Each future activity’s signature is calculated relative to your last breakthrough. Even if you manually change your current signature, this won’t affect future activities. You’ll actually have to generate a fitness breakthrough to see your future activity signatures change.

Ah right I guess a future event cannot generate its own sig values so taking on the ‘most recent breakthrough sig’ would make sense. It seemed from my data to be using the most recent activity but a lot of my activities have breakthroughs - my sig slips down a little over a couple of days between rides and then get a breakthrough when I hit the 10-11% climb each time i leave my house. Just standing still - not getting better and better!!

Now you know! Hopefully the planner can help you find some improvements on that hill!