Target discrepancies in 'Smart Iron Man 30' workout

During the recovery intervals, the ‘next target’ displays what seem to be the correct wattage for the next effort, say 200W, but once the effort interval starts, current ‘smart target’ displayed is much lower, say 88W.

Mode is ‘auto’. Trainer is Inside Ride smart rollers, which generally does a good job of reporting computed power (I don’t have a proper power meter), and adjusting resistance, within the device’s limits, to stay close to the current target.

I aim for and achieve the predicted new target, ignoring the lower ‘smart target’ being displayed. Usually begin upshifting during the last 5 seconds of the recovery, in order to achieve the higher targets for most of each 15 second interval. Once IR can’t further lower resistance, of course the current target can be exceeded if you’re in a hard enough gear and keeping up your cadence.

I’m assuming that this ‘smart’ behavior is purposeful, and not just a bug, but I’d like to understand what it means.

Thanks! Mike Halpin.