Hope you all good and training Hard. I would like to have a discussion on tapering towards my event

Xert seems to have a high recommendation towards tappering. So i would like to understand alittle bit more and hopefully not doing to much or i dont know.


Event is going to be 372km/332miles
My Current Athlete Type has been a gc specialist for the past 4 months
i change between moderate 1 2 maintenance improvement rates week by week
weekends i try to ride between 4 and 5 hr rides with a HR only

I have taken regular breaks
weekly i usually have about two to three rest days, depending on a week(Sun,Mon,Friday)
I have taking rest days between 3 and 4 consecutive days(hope that count for a rest week)

after this weekend i will be about 3 weeks out

Xert still recommend between 11 and 13 hr training depending on the improvement rate even in the the week leading up to the event.

In the past(with this being the first full one for me) i would look to a to 3 hour to a 4 hour week moderate low rides with two days rest (two days before the race.

if there is any questions extra i would gladly reply, and your advice would be so good.

Kind Regards


Hi Kevin,

Good questions!

This estimation is based off your currently selected improvement rate. It’s totally normal to see the projected training time around those values while you’re still finishing the build phase.

As you enter the taper phase, feel free to reduce your IR to “taper” or even “off-season”.