Background to me:

  • My current * training load is +4 :star: (c110-115)
  • I normally do 3x ‘intensity’ workouts per week and 3x endurance rides/workouts.
  • I’m just over 4 weeks away from my A-Event - see below
  • I’m not looking to materially change my fitness/training load from now on.
  • My current Athlete type is Sprint Time Traillist because of the event (see below)

General Recommendations for A Taper
From my research I understand that it is important to lower volume of training but to keep some intensity/specificity (e.g. lower the number of sessions and/or the length of those sessions) but keep at at your recommended intensity/ “Xert focus” for the event.

Under the Xert metrics
Training Load - how should we view Training Load pre and post event? If we can estimate the XSS for the event - should we aim for a resulting training load or freshness status AFTER the event similar to your current Training Load? i.e. try to reduce XSS coming into the even such that you are more fresh and can absorb the XSS on the event so that on the other side you aren’t overly fatigued / “red stars” afterwards?

Ramp Rate = I’m just over 4 weeks from the event and happy with my Training Load so have set ramp rate to Maintenance, with the aim of minimising over-training.

Decay = I’m not planning on doing any breakthroughs between now and the event so given I’m targeting constant Training Load have set Signature Decay Method = “No Decay – Training Load Matched”

Are there any of the other Xert metrics that I should be looking at?

As background my up-coming events are:
1 weeks’ time = “B” event - Half Everesting - c6hrs - Endurance/Sprint-time trial
I’m going to aim for roughly similar training load after the event vs my current levels. Do 2x intensity sessions in the week before, 1 full and 1x half of usual workouts. Others are LTP or below. Lower volume and XSS leading up to the event as per above and aim to not be “red stars” afterwards.

4 weeks’ time = “A” event - Full Everesting - c12hrs - Endurance/Sprint-time trial
I was going to go for a two week taper

2 weeks out = 25% cut / 75% of normal total hours/volume
Do 2x intensity sessions - both full normal workouts. Rest of sessions LTP or below workouts - e.g. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, or similar.

Week of the event = 50% cut / 50% of normal total hours
Do 2x intensity sessions - both half normal workouts. Rest of sessions LTP or below workouts.