Taper Week šŸ¤—

Apparently since 3 months ago, my FTP went up from 183 to 211. My PP is 725 and LTP is at 181. But, the FINAL EXAM will be next Saturday in Spain at the Worlds Duathlon Competition. Since I,ll be travelling, will I loose much from not training for 5 days! i dont think so, but just asking!

Could someone tell me , if according to my spider diagram, I ended up where I should have been?. i had selected GC Specialist as athlete type and my race is a 40 k with 3 - 3 mile sections of 6% grade, to be done after a 10 k run. After the bike I,ll do another 5 k run.

Have you performed this race in the past? If so, check out the focus duration of the activity to get an idea for what athlete type you wish to use.

Too late! the race is this week! But, how would I find out the focus duration of a race???

Depends on what the demands are. Is it a bursty race? Is it draft legal, or individual time trial? If its draft legal or bursty, Iā€™d say go with Puncheur, Breakaway Specialist, or Roleur. If its individual TT, Iā€™d go for Climber or GC Specialist.