Taking a " break" during a workout!!!

i get all my uploads from Garmin Connect. If, during a workout, I pause the Xert workout , for any reason, need more rest, etc, should I keep my Garmin 935 going? Or should I also pause it? I dont think so. I have not done that yet, but…

Makes no difference in Xert.

Except don’t pause for more than 8 hours.

But actually, it should! if I get more rest, I should get less of “something”!

Very funny! pausing > 8 hrs!:rofl:

Is there a setting to remove pause time from total training time in the Fitness planner - Weekly stats? I usually do a long slow ride each week, with a stop for coffee. I don’t want to count coffee time as training. As of now I manually edit the ride duration.

Unfortunately not. Note that time doesn’t have the same relevance in Xert. It is all about strain. The older methods rely on time spent training and having to remove coffee stops is more relevant.