Tacx vortex

I can’t use ERG mode, i can’t see my trainer in TRAINER CONTROL but I can see in POWER SOURCE. I’m using an iPhone 8.

Hi Roberto,

It appears that Tacx hasn’t yet released FTMS firmware for their trainers. This is the new industry standard protocol that our app uses. Until that firmware is released, BT ERG won’t work nativly with our app. Our users have been choosing to use the CABLE from North Pole Engineering to bridge the ANT+ signal to BLE that can be used/controlled by our app. It’s also a handy device to have whenever multiple BLE connections are needed. Cheers

Hi Scott, tanks for you answer, do you know when Tacx would release the FTMS firmware?

Can I use my Tacx vortex in ERG mode with a Garmin edge 130? with de the app Xert workout player? I´m think about to buy it.


Unfortunately, the Garmin 130 is not able to run ConnectIQ apps, only datafields.

@Roberto, you might also try asking Tacx when they plan on releasing their firmware.


I ask Tacx about the FTMS firmware, I’m testing Xert, I think is a great tool for train, unfortunately I have a Tacx, I hope you can made a deal with Tacx and you can control their trainers. I´m in Mexico is a little complicated to buy the CABLE bridge. Cheers.