Tacx NEO1 with Xert Player on iOS?

Looks like I can’t connect my NEO (has latest firmware installed) with Xert Player as it isn’t listed under “Trainer Control”.

I contacted Tacx and got an answer.

Awesome! Hopefully they push that release soon! As a side note - there is a workaround for using an ANT+/BLE bridge such as CABLE or Viiiva HRM. Cheers

I got the Cable bridge but it isn’t allowing trainer control yet. I would be grateful for any tips in setting this feature up

@scott: I have a CABLE, but… I also use a power meter with ovals (and need to use powermatch as NEO is not accurate enough with ovals), but this combination (routing all powermeter and smart trainer data through CABLE) seems not to work with Xert Player – or I couldn‘t make it work.

@Boris, what meter are you using?

@Scott Assioma DUO

Okay, can you send a message to our support team that explains your current setup? We’ll have to look into it.

I also can’t get Xert player to see Neo as a smart trainer under iOS, it does read power and cadence off the Neo. The Xert Garmin IQ ap does work and sees the Neo as a smart trainer, controlling resistance. Id much prefer a stand-alone Windows application rather than the Garmin->iphone->internet->PC Rube Goldberg setup.

Hi Andrew,
TACX doesn’t support FTMS protocol on their controllable trainers yet, so the current workaround is to use a ANT+ to BLE bridging device (CABLE or Viiiva HR monitor).

I fear that it will take forever till FTMS (for Tacx NEO 1|2) will be available. That (https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2018/11/tacx-neo-2-smart-trainer-hands-on.html#comment-3017945) is from November 2018.

Perhaps, but at least you can go with the Cable from North Pole. I find it’s a nice thing to have around for whenever you need another way to connect to your data over BT. Sensors only support 1 BT connection but ANT supports multiple clients collecting data. With a Cable, you can have other clients connect to your data with each unit you have - PC, Apple TV, iPhone/iPads, etc.

Smartbiketrainers.com does have a setup picture for using Cable

I had a lot of trouble connecting the Xert iOS app to my new Cable today. Constant Power drop-outs and wouldn’t maintain Control.
Do I need to ‘Disconnect’ from the CABLEConfig app? I think there was a conflict with the signal somewhere. I turned my PC off and it didn’t help.

To clarify, I could connect no problem but power was not stable whatsoever.

Double check there isn’t another app controlling the trainer over ANT+ (like Zwift). If you continue to experience issues, send a note to support@xertonline.com with details of your specific setup.

After nearly giving up, I finally got my setup running correctly : Neo1 --> CABLE --> iOS App Controlling with Zwift observing power also

For me the trick was my Power Source was the Tacx Neo (BLE), but Trainer Control was CABLE. If they were both CABLE there was some kind of signal issue as power would fluctuate signficantly.
I also have HR, Cad & Speed reading directly from Neo BLE.
So, not quite what North Pole Engineering recommend, but for me it’s the only way to get it working.

As a side comment on the Xert iOS App :
Switching between ‘Sensors’ and the Workout interface causes a momentary signal drop in power/trainer control, but after a few seconds it stabilises and is solid as a rock for the rest of the workout.
The transition between intervals is excellent, much smoother and better than in Zwift. That’s a real positive. In Zwift the new interval hits my legs like a tonne of bricks.

Glad I got there in the end!

Is it possible to have both “Power Source” and “Trainer Control” info coming from the CABLE? I have tried that but at the moment I can only make it work if I select the “Power Source” directly from the Neo BLE and not the CABLE. I was trying to route the power data from my pedals via the CABLE but did not manage to make it work. The BLE connection of the pedals is busy so I cannot use that.

I would think you can do this. Check with North Pole and see if they can support 2 simultaneous connections to the Cable. Pretty sure you should be able to.