Tacx Neo + Edge 520 + Android Issue

I’m having issues with my current Xert setup where my edge 520 can only do one of two things
1- control resistance on my Neo
2- save power and cadence data

it can’t do both. To get it to control the trainer I remove it from the “sensors” page in my edge 520 and afterward I locate it from within the Xert Player. After a session the activity will not contain any power data (either on Strava or on Xert). To get it to save power data, I add the trainer in the “sensors” page. I’ve toggled pretty much all settings in both cases.

So, I tried using the Android app (on LG 3 Android 6.0), but I can’t get it to control the trainer (which I can do in TrainerRoad)…so for now I have to load a workout on my edge and start a ‘free’ activity on my phone to record the power…sub optimal…

I have to be missing something, can someone point me toward a trouble shooting guide or some other ressource?

ps : both the tacx neo and my edge 520 are running the latest firmware

It’s due to the nature of the connection the app makes to your trainer being outside of the sensors on the Garmin. The app isn’t allowed to store data in the normal channels on the device.

so ‘my way’ is the best/only way for now

The Android app shouldn’t have any issues using the ANT interface via a ANT USB dongle. It will then store all the data correctly in the FIT file it generates. This is the preferred configuration.

my phone is about to die…my next one will have the built in ANT+ antenna, so thanks