TACX Neo 2 T + App Tacx + XERT

Hi everyone ! (I use the translator ITA/ENG), sorry.
Nothing … I can’t solve it, I’m going crazy. So … with the Zwift or Rouvy app I can, from the settings, disconnect the TACX Neo 2T trainer from the app to be able to combine it instead with XERT, which thus detects and manages the power. With the TACX app, on the other hand, from the settings, I do not have the possibility to disconnect the trainer, or rather, it makes me disconnect it but the Favero Assioma Duo powermeter does not see me. To perform XERT workouts, I can only perform them without starting the TACX app, as I do on the road with XERT Player on my Edge 1030. In short, just as I can do it in ZWIFT or ROUVY, I wish I could, from the settings of the TACX App, disconnect the T2 trainer, connecting the powermeter instead and, in XERT Player or EBC (iPhone), choose Power Control, then, the trainer control. The problem is that the TACX app does not see my power meter! Among other things, the indicator of the ANT +, on the trainer, is off, while only the blue one of the BT remains on, in addition, of course, to that of the power supply. I’m going crazy … Can anyone using TACX App help me? Aside from this issue, it’s the app I’m best with. Thank you very much.

Corrado Saurin, Italy.

Don’t have that app but sounds like you are trying to use Bluetooth rather than ANT+. Bluetooth can only connect to one device at a time so you can’t connect to both Xert EBC and Tacx app - it will just connect to the first one you try,

To use ANT+ you either need a laptop / PC or some other device with ANT+ dongle (most phones and tablets do not support ANT+ without a dongle… and some are hard to find… PC may be easier). Or you can try CABLE from North Pole Engineering, which converts ANT+ signal to a separate Bluetooth signal. Then you can connect to both apps (but still need to make sure you don’t have two apps controlling the trainer)

Alternatively, with separate powermeter and trainer, the other option is to connect your trainer to whichever device you want to control the power (Xert I guess), and connect your powermeter pedals to the Tacx app. You will have slightly different power readings in each app (hopefully not too different, and Xert may be able to adjust / scale the power - not sure), but if you additionally record with the garmin, (connected to power meter via ANT+) you’ll also get the correct data recorded

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Without knowing I’d suspect the TACX app just does not let something else control the trainer. It is the native app for these trainers and might not be designed for another app taking control.
Maybe someone else here knows for sure. I think you did everything right and you got it working with other apps, so the problem might just be TACX not playing nice with the other kids :wink:

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Hi @idefix , thx for support, yes, i’m same premonition after other last problem w/ this app (yesterday, other post in the support…). Today i try other way. I hope in the good resolution for the reason TACX is my beloved app :O/ BR.
Corrado, Italy.

Hi @wescaine, and thx for your help. The only device i have for the connection w/ trainer/xert, is Apple iPad Mini and Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max. And yes, my target is connect the trainer to XERT and powermeter to App TACX; the only problem is TACX App not recognize, so, don’t is visible, in the settings of the App. Strange for the reason Zwift and Rouvy don’t have this problem and i’m capable unpaired the trainer to the App. Today i try other way, in primis, don’t use BT over 1 device only. I write the solution, i hope in a solution ;O) Thanks again. BR.
Corrado Saurin, Italy.