Tacx neo 2 super slow in ERG mode

My Tacx neo 2 is very slow to settle on the correct wattage, and most of the time it doesn’t settle at all but stays well under the target. Any ideas what’s wrong?

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What gear are you in?

Have used the small cog in front (34t) and mid cog in the back on a 11-28 casette.

Also, I use my Assioma duo pedals for power and the Neo for trainer control.

I’m having the same response issue with my TACX Flux2. It’s extremely slow to provide tension, in fact mostly I spin up and don’t notice the tension. Is this a TACX/XERT issue?
I’m also pairing with Vector pedals for power.

I have not experienced any issues with my Neo’s - I had the Mark-1 and and now a 2T.

There’s is no noticeable delay, but, I do anticipate by upping or lowering my RPM. The gear you’re in, is irrelevant in ERG mode.

I had a Flux for my wife (Mark-1 at the time) and ditched it within a week to get her a Neo too. Imho, the Flux is a POC.