Tacx Flux2 doesn't work

I try to make a workout in my trainer Garmin Tacx Flux2
AppErt connect the smart trainer all is ok… the icon of trainer is BLU and ok.
But when I start to ride the speed and distance and power (watt) is not setted by trainer … only time flow:

What can I do ?

Thank you in advance

Note that other APP go well … like for example Garmin Tacx, Trainerday o TrainerRoad.

Is Speed from Power enabled under Sensors?

Now I set all sensor all is ok but no the distance :frowning:

I made a 45’ workout … I got power I got average km/h but not the distance :frowning:

How can I have also this metric ?

Thank you
In advance

Make sure no other apps are running and connected to your trainer.
Under EBC Sensors you need –

  • Power paired to trainer or your power meter if you want Powermatch enabled.
  • Trainer Control paired to trainer.
  • Heart Rate to HR monitor.
  • Cadence paired to trainer or power meter.
  • Speed set to Speed from Power.

Make sure all sensor settings you configure turn to blue.
You can test them from the Indoor Sensors page.

Be sure you tap each one in each section and see that it turns blue and is connected. You should then see power data showing as you pedal.

You can also look to see if there are firmware updates for the trainer.

Be sure no other apps are running.