Tacx Calibration

I have switched to a second Tacx Neo2 trainer and the power is 20w lower than both my Quarq and previous Neo2. I don’t see any way to calibrate the Tacx-what am I missing?

I still just upload my Quarq data to xert so it isn’t changing any of my xert numbers but it would be nice if they sort of matched up like they did before.

If you are using the IOs App there is a field for adjusting the reported power output so you can match your power meter. I believe it writes the adjusted power to the workout file.

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You already know there is no calibration, reported accuracy is even better than on the previous Neo’s, which probably is a matter of .5 to 1 Watt. If you believe there is a problem, contact support. Now that they are a Garmin brand, response time has increased though.

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I’ll try that