Table Summary - Way to SAVE layout changes?

Is there a way to save the table layout? It’s a bit cumbersome having to deselect and re-select the fields I’d like to see each day.

You would probably check an old post whose title is “Columns in the Table View Page keep resetting to default layout” which I started on Jan 29th.

Here’s what Armando suggested:
“You may want to try and clear your cache”

Which I did.
Things didn’t get fixed, though :frowning:

Then Armando went on and suggested to: “Try and right-click the table and select “Inspect”. You’re probably not a Javascript coder but check to see if there is anything there that looks strange and let us know”
Which I did, too,
Not being a (Java) programmer myself I couldn’t find anything strange.
So I gave up and started to live with that.

It’s worth to be noted that everything worked flawlessly up to mid January or so. Then all of a sudden something changed…
Still hoping in a fix someday…


We’ll have another crack at this.

As of today, Table View page works properly again (well, almost - there’s still a glitch which I’ll discuss later. I’m going to have a workout right now).
Thank you, guys for this fast fix :slight_smile: