System Showing Wrong Phase

It’s not a biggie, but you can clearly see that I’m in the Pre Base phase but the system is telling me that I’m in the Base phase. My event date should have me placed in the Pre Base.


:smile: Seriously? You are on the cusp. Wait a day.
Could be time-zone related or how the scale calculates days/week.
Need proof? Set your TED back a day to April 3rd.
Training-wise it doesn’t make any difference. Pre-base is time spent before base phase begins 120 days from your TED. As far as XATA goes it’s all endurance unless you choose to mix things up.

Hahahaha, you kill me.

I was simply showing that the slider bar was in the pre base phase but the system was saying I was in the base. Obviously as I said - Not a biggie.

Thanks for the catch George!

Most likely a rounding error :slight_smile: We’ll add it to our list of minor bugs!

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