Syncing Xert activity to Garmin Connect

After I finish doing an Xert workout with the Xert EBC app on my phone, does Xert then automatically sync the activity with GC? Or does it do the sync at some other time of the day or do I have to manually tell Xert to sync with GC?

I usually wait a while before I look for the workout on GC because I know things take time to happen in the cloud. If I get impatient I’ll tell Xert to do a sync now and often times it tells me the link to GC isn’t working and to delete it an reestablish the link to GC. Anyone else experience this?

Hi @mburdesh, good question!

Garmin doesn’t allow us to sync activities to their platform automatically - Xert can only receive activities recorded from Garmin devices automatically. You can upload files to Garmin Connect manually if you’d like.

Ok thx.