Syncing New Xert Activities to Strava (..sorted/it works!)

For testing purposes i’m trying to sync an “Active Recovery - 40” Xert Activity to my strava account.
The option to sync “Sync New Xert Activities to Strava” is activated …but nothing is showing up.
What am i missing? (the strava account connection is done and revoked/redone …that works)

ps: Actually i like to have the Xert Activities listed in the Strava account/feed, to get an overview. But that doesn’t mean it has to be Strava if Garmin Connect seems a better platform for this purpose (easy automaric syncing/not manual etc)

Thanks :+1:

Screenshot 2022-04-11 at 22.17.55
Screenshot 2022-04-11 at 22.35.25

Are you selecting the Sync button in bottom right?
Here are the various sync option details –
Adding & Syncing Activities – Xert (

What was the goal for selecting that workout?
It appears you didn’t ride it in AUTO mode as active recovery (easy spin) workout.

Hi, thanks. It seems very simple, but i’m stuck syncing the Xert activities to my Strava account.

Do i have to activate “VirtualRide” for “Activity type” to be able to sync a Xert (virtual activity)
to Strava? (…as of now i’m on the Free Xert account, if that makes any difference)

The selected workout was automatically chosen (sort of illness revovery), also i wanted to check
the BT connection of the iOS App to the ‘dumb’ indoor trainer (power/cadence/hr belt=all well :+1:).

AUTO mode
When reading about this …What Trainer Modes Are Available in Xert’s Workout Players? – Xert
i should go for “resistance” or “slope” mode since the bike is a ‘dumb trainer’ (ICG IC7/works well
via dialing in W resistance but having no gears). Now i know where to look at in the Xert iOS App.


This chart shows what features are active –
Compare Plans – Xert (

To complete the workout on a dumb trainer you’ll want to monitor and match target watts on the app.
An easier way to do that is by running the Remote Player or the advanced Session Player on a laptop/tablet/PC while the workout plays on the phone app.

Reference –
Using the Xert Remote Player – Xert (
Starter Guide: Xert Sessions – Xert (

Hi @ChriZXert ,

Xert will only sync/push new activities to Strava. You can try downloading a file of your activity to your computer, removing the activity from Xert and then re-uploading the file to Xert. It should upload to Xert and push the ride to Strava. I think that answers your question… HTH!


Hi @ManofSteele,

that’s a way. I might try that or just do new workout.

ps: …info: sync (Xert>strava works with new activites (outddor ride :+1:)


Hi, @ridgerider2

i’m on the Premium trial plan, which is “free” for another 20 days, so the sync in both
ways should work.
I deleted the first activity on Xert and just do another with Remote Player/Session
Player on a tablet (Android via the website) while the workout runs on the phone via
the Xert EBC App (iOS).