Synch to strava from Xert

Hi all,

I am trying to synch a new xert activity to Strava and it doesn’t allow me to. This started yesterday.
The activity was done with xert application in indoor trainer and it is visible to xert both the application and the webpage, but when I try to synch (even manually) it fails to do so.

I noticed that for the yesterday’s activity there was a miss match in the time that I did the workout and the time that xert recorded and I assumed that this could be the reason (another guy had a similar issue in the past according to the forum),

However, today’s workout was recorded correctly.
I have manually refreshed and disconnected Strava and re-connected again but without luck.

Do others experience the same problem? Any ideas on how to solve it?


If only one activity is missing on Strava you could download the FIT file from Xert (under Activity Details) then manually upload the file to Strava.
Otherwise, the missing activity on Strava should list under Sync, Strava, Connect to Strava so you can tick it before selecting the Sync button.
If you suspect a date/time issue you can use to edit the FIT file and adjust the time.

yes, it appears it was a generalized bug. I had the same problem. You have to:

  1. Download the fit file from xert.
  2. Delete the activity in Xert
  3. Upload again to Xert