Synch Failure

Evening all. Rode today, got a BT (huzzah!) then on finishing the ride there’s all sorts of data issues. It recorded to 4 days ago (Garmin GPS not updating prior to ride?) which I fixed with FitFiles, and I can see the correct power data on Garmin Connect, so it has recorded in some capacity. However, on synching from Strava to Xert it only shows 1 XSS and a tiny section of power data. I’ve tried deleting the activity and resycning from Strava: no change. I’m trying to synch directly from Garmin Connect but nothing appearing so far (it did say it might take up to 6 hours). Any suggestions? If I can’t get the data in, how do I make a manual entry to record the XSS?

I am having Strava issues as well

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Likewise rode on Xert app, saved data and no upload to either Xert or Strava, hopefully no lost data as that was a sweaty one!

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Had same issue back when I had a Garmin 1030, but I thought Garmin fixed the issue in one of the firmware updates by adding date/time sync independent of GPS lock.
What if you import the edited FIT file into Xert directly? (+ in upper right of XO, Upload Activity)

I have just completed a ride on the app as well, it is there on the app saying upload pending but when I click it just goes to workout screen I cannot do anything with it. When I log onto xert on the web it does not appear and it has not synced to strava either ?

Try to pull-down refresh the page.

Check that the file isn’t more than 24 hours long. That’s the longest activity recording we accept at the moment.

Use the calendar and drag-and-drop an older similar activity or workout onto the day to have your XSS counted. You could also click on the day and manually key in the info.

My Zwift workout from 4ish hours ago isn’t syncing either. All others prior to today have done so fine. The sync works from Zwift to Strava to Xert. I can see it in the strava sync section waiting there, teasing me… Selecting it and pressing sync doesn’t do anything either - I get the message that says it’s being processed but nothing happens. The workout made it from strava into so it’s not a strava issue, it’s definitely a Xert issue.

I did keep trying but then all of a sudden it uploaded about an hour after finishing. Everything seems ok now

We have recently seen some users experiencing processing errors. Issue has been resolved. If you’re missing an activity, you may need to re-sync or upload your activity. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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This was it. There was 4 days of inactivity at the start of the ride data, so the FitFilesTools needed both a time-start change AND a segment-remove. Uploaded again, and…. GOLD BREAKTHROUGH! Thanks for your help chaps, much appreciated!

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