Sync Xert workouts to Garmin (Forerunner

hi all,

I’m new to Xert. I browsed the forums but could not clearly understand how to export a Xert workout to my Garmin watch (FR945). Maybe it is not possible actually.
The .erg / .zwo files can’t be imported by Garmin connect.

I’m an outdoor runner and I don’t want to run with my phone in my hand to check the Xert player iOs app.

The Xert player app only works on bike devices, not my Forerunner. That would just be awesome if it is possible btw!

I also can’t create one manually, because power is not available as target for the Garmin workouts.

Did anyone figure out how to do this, or more generally:
does anyone have some advice how to best use the Xert workouts on an outdoor run?

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Garmin watches don’t (yet) support running power natively, so you can’t directly do a workout from Xert by power.

I will typically set a workout in my watch using intervals based on time (for both work and recovery portions), or will use “until lap press” for these for a bit more control. I then memorize my power targets for the different intervals. For example, yesterday I did a tempo run with an open warm-up, 5 minutes on, 1 min off, 10 min on, 2 min off, 15 min on, then cool down. Serviceable, but I’d of course like to set alerts for power targets.

One way you can do this is by using a CIQ datafield such as Datarun Premium (there are multiple versions that allow for a different number of metrics on the screen at once). There are “copy” versions of this that allow you to have the same field but with a different blend of metrics, and one of those copies does allow for creating workouts with power targets. It is a bit circuitous (requires downloading a spreadsheet, using it to set the parameters for your workout, then copying a value the spreadsheet generates to the settings of the datafield so it knows what to do with it). This app does require a payment to unlock the full use of it (no association with the developer, I’m just a paid user), but it’s probably the best way to do what you’re looking for.
You will need to run the Stryd CIQ app in order to record the power data to the .fit file for your run, but a datafield such as this will help with the workout portion.

Thank you @CommanderKeen

That datafield hack looks like a good workaround indeed. It will take a little bit of effort to set it up it seems. Luckily my next workout is recovery, easy to remember :slight_smile:

What could also work is if the Xert workout player phone app would have audio output on what to do as next step. With some ear buds that could also be a reasonable workaround.
I haven’t actually used the app yet during training. It does not appear to do this during a dry run. Or can it do that?

iOS or Android? On iOS, it should be able to do that, but there’s a recent thread about it that says it actually doesn’t. Jury is still out on that one…

I have iOS, but it doesn’t tell me what power to run at neither if I’m to slow/fast. It does beep when a new interval starts

Just in case someone reads this later. At the moment I’m using the Garmin Connect app to manually re-create the Xert workouts. In the comment field I write the power which is shown in run. It doesn’t give too fast/slow feedback, but at least I don’t have to memorize the power levels. This is good for the more complex workouts in particular

I’m having the same issue as @thiemom. I’ve been doing some indoor training using the Xert Android app but as the weather is getting better I want to do most of my training outdoor. I only own a Forerunner 735XT so I can’t use the ConnectIQ Xert Workout Player. Currently I recreate the workouts in Garmin Connect but I have to manually check all the target levels before the workout… There has to be a better way :slight_smile:

I get that the Forerunner watches aren’t capable of running the Workout Player. But could there be a lighter version which doesn’t do powermatch etc? I would just need the timer and target values. There are datafields available for the Forerunner so it’s capable of calculations using the fitness signature.

If it’s still impossible to support the workout player. Is there a way to sync planned workouts to my Garmin Connect calendar? Then Garmin would do all the syncing and I could use the native workout feature of the watch (unfortunately without the SMART workout feature).