Sync Xert FTP to Garmin/Strava etc

Is there a way to have the FTP figure held in other platforms, e.g. Garmin Connect, Strava etc, updated by Xert?

At the moment when my Xert FTP changes, I have to manually go in and edit the value in the other platforms.


Would be cool, but - as far as I know - no. For sure Garmin doesn’t allow anything to be written back and Strava does, as Xert is pushing ride summaries to it, but I don’t think it will allow updates like that.

Strava only allows you to update your FTP if you have a premium subscription of some sort. I did for a year so my FTP was accurate once but has not been updated for several years. Doesnt impact me in any way AFAIK

Yes, but it does not automatically sync from Xert. I don’t really bother either, as I do my training based on Xert, but I can see why you would want a cross platform automatic sync…

Yes but from Strava’s perspective I can see that if they wish to charge to be able to manage your FTP within Strava they might not allow it to be set remotely by a 3rd party.

I’m not sure that setting your FTP is a Summit feature. Could well be, but it’s not listed as such and it’s under account settings, my performance. Then again, I am a Summit member, so I can’t be certain…

(Edit: and no, my FTP doesn’t get auto synced from Xert either)

Also, I believe that changing your FTP in Strava, changes ALL historical data to compare to that number. Might (also) not be important, but it makes it less useful.

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I don’t have summit, you can set your ftp in your profile without it.

Looks like even just setting your FTP is a Summit feature. I created a new account using Google and couldn’t set it in ‘My Performance’.

Anyway, the OP asked if it could be automatically synchronized, reflecting changes in Xert’s TP.

Xert Support (@ManofSteele, @xertedbrain?) will have to answer that, as I can’t be sure if it is possible at all, even if I think it isn’t.

And in any case, it would not work if you do not have a Summit account.

As far as I know, Strava doesn’t ‘take’ anything from any service, except weight from Garmin.

Xert pushes the workouts with the additional stats already in them when it syncs to Strava. If you upload data to Strava some other way - i.e. from Garmin - Xert cannot add those stats afterwards. also gets weight from Strava, but not FTP - numbers like that, zones, whatever, are (initially) manual inputs, which, depending on the service, get updated automatically by the service itself, not cross platform.

Not that I know anyway, but I can ask David.

Likely nothing we can do here to export our TP to other programs. Garmin/Zwift/etc are still caught up on doing things the old way and looking for a % of your best 20 min power, unfortunately…

True, but the question was IF you could actually update cross platform. They all do some sort of calculation, but they all allow you to set your own value or ignore estimated values, right?

So, could you insert Xert’s TP into another platform’s FTP setting? I don’t think so, unless you all work together to give users that option - like you offer to sync weight from Strava, but Strava doesn’t offer to pull weight from Xert. It does from Garmin, but Garmin doesn’t accept taking it from Strava…