Sync Workout Player to Devices

Hi Xerters!

Im new to the site after using TR for years. I cannot get my devices (Wattbike, Hr monitor) to the Workout Player Browser. Am I missing something?



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Xert is a dual device platform by design.
You need to install EBC on your phone (iOS or Android) and that sends your workout activity data to the Remote Player or Session Player running on your laptop/tablet browser screen.

Start here – Beginner’s Guide: Getting Started With Xert – Xert (
Then here to quickly learn what’s different about Xert – Xert Academy Videos - YouTube
Plus lots of newbie tips here – Beginner questions - Support - Xert Community Forum (

Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

Thanks ridgerider2.

Ive looked at all the videos and instructions. Its just not a clear hookup sequencing anywhere. It seems way less user friendly that TP and TR, especially getting started up with the system.

I understand all the metrics as I run a physiology lab at our facility, but the triple hookup system (wattbike to EBC to laptop) seems really clunky to me, just to get a screen that you can follow like TR.

Its clear as mud and Xert should improve its instructions in hookup sequencing for educated dummies like me. I pulled the trigger on a premium yearly plan based on the data that Xert would provide. Now Im wondering if I made the right choice.

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You only need the phone app to perform workouts but the remote and session players provide additional functionality and the big screen experience.
There are many layers to Xert and a number of unique functions. You’ll lean them over time as you train.
A number of newbies, including TR converts like me, dipped our toes into the waters at first, then jumped into the deep end and learned how to swim. :smiley:
I think the Getting Started guide and Academy lessons should be required prep before starting but I’m sure that wouldn’t go over well. :wink:

Enjoy the ride.

I am an avid Colorado road rider and data junkie. In addition to running a training facility for NCAA and Professional athletes, I also run the lab in the facility with Wattbike/Core/Garmin/iOS tech in it in addition to my personal pain cave at home. I discovered Xert on Monday morning of this week. I examined Xert and quickly thought, this is my type of platform; Information and feature rich with a good AI program as well.

My initial excitement quickly wore off once I realized how clunky the setup is and how poorly the player screens work. The upload of past workouts from TP and TR was inaccurate, and even though all the forum posts said my FTP would change (drop) after upload, It should not have dropped by 40+ points. All of the recommended workouts after my initial one were permanently stuck in low volume recovery even after 3 days off the bike…and this is after I watched every video and set up my “signature” accordingly.

The biggest disappointment is in the education for newbies. I watched every video and in no place, did it discuss the sequencing for the setup of indoor riding for player views. The iOS app doesn’t even have a player view which is a huge swing and a miss for Xert.

I understand that this is a completely different platform than TR or TP, but the Xert team needs to dive deeper into their user interfaces. They are way more user friendly. I dont consider myself an idiot by any means and after watching your setup videos (which also is a time-sucking barrier to sales), I felt like I had a good handle on it. But it’s still not easy to set up or run programs on.

Xert is probably doing just fine financially I’m sure. But if Xert wants to sell more products, they need to steal a few pages from TR and TP. It takes too much time between setup-education stage to actual riding-stage, the equipment interface is way too clunky, and the video education only speaks to what the measurements are and mean, not enough time spent discussing setup.

I have officially canceled my 1-year premium subscription to Xert after 4 days of non-stop frustration and realized that the program is just too complicated for its own good.

We have many, many thousands of users that use all the features without any issues. Most often, users see a conflict often driven because they are used to using other software and find our approach counterintuitive, especially doing workouts. Once you get the hang of it though it all very intuitive, with a very simple to use UI that’s easy to follow. If you try and use it like you do other systems, you’ll probably find something missing and find it harder to use.

Thanks for your comments and we take all customer feedback to heart. If you decide to return to using the system and need some assistance, send a message to We’re there to help.