Sync with Strava or Garmin Connect?

Hi, I allowed xert to sycn with both strava and garmin connet. However, I see that the sync is coming from garmin connect. Is there a reason for that? maybe it is more reliable to have a garmin connect sync? otherwise, I prefer to sync with strava since xert takes the name I give to my worksouts in strava (so I do not need to rename them twice).
My second question is how to sync all my historical data from strava? I could just sync the last year when I opened the xert account, but I would like to sync all my history so I can see the progression of different years.
Thanks, and great tool, I am completely onboard and still learning the concepts.

Yes. Use Strava to keep the names in sync (use our Auto Update feature to update Strava with fitness breakthrough data). Checkout our FAQ on how to sync historical data from Strava.

Done, thanks a lot.
So I assume there is no sync difference between strava and garmin connect?

There shouldn’t be.

@xertedbrain Is this still true and irrespective of sport and activity variables (heart rate, cadence, power, altitude, and so on)?
That is: Garmin Connect to Xert = Garmin Connect to Strava to Xert?
I have always thought that Strava (instead of submitting the original file from the source) modifies the original file and creates a new activity file that is exported downstream.

Strava doesn’t send us the FIT file but the data they send us should be identical. Sometimes they strip a few seconds from the beginning if there is no GPS data.

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Identical, except tunnels :person_facepalming: It is what it is. Quoting strava support: “The activity analysis only uses data that is attached to GPS points. This means that if no GPS data is recorded during a portion of your activity, any other data will not be included in the activity analysis.”

I upload direct from Hammerhead ever since some of my intervals go through tunnels. I want that power data.