Sync with Strava or Connect and TP seems really high

I just signed up and I synced my data back to Jan, 1 of 2018 through Strava. Now that I have my past data in xert can I turn off Strava sync and just sync through Garmin? How does syncing through Garmin compare to Strava? Also, my Threshold Power seems pretty hight this time of year. Not sure why it’s so high. After 1 ride it jumped 15 watts which seems unlikely.

I sync Garmin to Strava and Strava to Xert. It seems to work fine.

Maybe your recent rides weren’t hard enough to have any breakthroughs and so your signature decayed, and this ride did have breakthroughs. The support topics cover a lot of how ftp is calculated. The podcast is also a good source of information on how the system works.

If you turn off Garmin to Strava and enable Xert to Strava, you’ll get some nice images and content in your Strava activities feed.

Wouldn’t that mean that if you have a Garmin device, which automatically syncs with Garmin Connect, you would then have to export the file and manually upload it to Strava? Just turn off Garmin Connect in Xert and turn on / stay with Strava…

Not sure how reliable your old data is, but I - for one - have deleted everything and then only synchronised 2019, which was about 3 months at that time… It turned out that faulty data - my Vector 3 was a bust and I ditched it, after two replacements - from back in April - June 2018 was still messing with my signature, one year later…

I went ahead and cleared my data and only updated 2019 data. Now things look like the should this time of year.