Sync with Connect

I just found and put to use this program yesterday. I was able to utilize about 2 weeks of data from Strava but extensive information from Garmin Connect (years) haven’t shown up as part of the progression graph. I am wondering if I am mistaken in expecting to see this information due to software design.

Historical data from Garmin won’t sync automatically, and they’ve eliminated some of the ways that in the past could bulk export data. I ended up submitting a GDPR request ( to get my bulk data. If you choose this route you’ll have to dig through several folders they end up sending you to find what you’re looking for, but all the activities will be there.

Thank you Kyle. It’s probably OK just to see a couple of weeks of history anyway.

You’re welcome, Craig. While a couple weeks of data is more or less fine from the perspective of your current training forward, I will say that being able to go over the data from past training cycles to see how my fitness signature progressed during different phases of training was quite helpful, as was looking at past races to see which athlete type they fell under.

True. What the heck, I’m retired. It’s fun to play around with this stuff. I made the request to Garmin. Now let’s see how long it will take for them to prepare the data.

My 4 years worth of data took maybe 3 days, as a benchmark.

While I haven’t used it for importing to xert I have used (and continue to use) to get my garmin data. AFAIK you can still use this to get to all of your historical data without having to use GDPR. I guess the tool is not simple enough for everyone to use though.

Garmin supplied me a file this morning but I have no clue what some of these contain. Looking at them all I could find nothing to suggest that any information that is in a shareable format to XERT was supplied. Oh, well. I will try Johan’s idea next.

Johan’s idea is way too involved in computer science than I have ever been. I am going to leave that be.

Craig, look through the different folders for .fit files. The folder you’re looking for will have a ton of them. You’ll probably also have several empty folders, or ones with JSON files that aren’t of any use that you can just ignore.

I found the FIT files and there are a lot of them. I do not know how to get XERT to recognize them. Maybe I have to save the file that contains the record to a spot on my desktop. I will try this. Thanks for the help.

The .fit files are what you can upload. On the menu to the left hover over the “sync” icon, then click “Upload Activity”. On that page click the “add files” button, then browse to where they are located, select all of them (CTRL+A), and you should be good to go from there. This will be all of your Garmin activities - rides, runs, swims, paddle boarding… so you’ll have to comb through your activities to delete all the ones you don’t want, or perhaps someone in support could help batch delete everything that doesn’t have power.

It’s working…thanks again.

I had to make two uploads because I think I only got a portion of the files the first time. I moved the raw data into a desktop file then accessed that to copy from. I was individually selecting files to copy until you mentioned the CTRL A shortcut. I may have duplicate records to parse out from the table which should be no problem.

Xert should automatically identify and exclude duplicate activities, so that shouldn’t be an issue. The big thing is to get rid of activities without power. I run pretty much exclusively, but didn’t have a Stryd when I first started. Once I got rid of the activities without power (early runs, skiing) the progression chart was very informative.

I think I have deleted all of the swims and cycling events that did not have power. I hadn’t noticed a graph in black and white above the one in color for each activity before and I am at a loss as to what it represents.

That one is another representation of your power for the activity. The circles with vertical lines to each side are sliders, which allow you to move them in order to only show a specific part of the activity. Alternatively, you can click+hold on the main MPA chart to select a specific part of the activity as well. When you select a portion of an activity the main MPA chart zooms in so that you can only see what was selected. The smaller grey chart will highlight that part of the activity, but won’t zoom it - allowing you to see where in the context of the overall activity your selected portion is.