Sync to Strava - classification sport - virtual ride


I noticed that when Xert Syncs to Strava my indoor session is classified as an ride but I like it to be classified as an virtual ride.

Is there any logic possible to identify my indoor session as virtual ride. Maybe the fact there is no GPS data or perhaps the use of Android EBC or maybe there are other hardware related parameters. Which can positively identify an indoor session

Just change it to virtual ride in strava.

Thanks, I’m aware that I can change it in Strava.

Just asking if it can be synced as virtual. When I use Zwift its also a virtual ride. I do not have to change it manually.


Yes Patrick. I had this same desire. Anyone can go and change the ride type in Strava, right? I think our desire is to have it automatically show our equipment as we complete an indoor workout. Yesterday I gave Wahoo Systm a test and low and behold, after the workout was uploaded, it showed the bike I had set up as a “virtual ride”. So, Wahoo has the functionality. Why doesn’t Xert?

Yes i agree would be useful. I use a different bike indoor vs outdoor. I also use strava to track chain, tyres Km’s etc on my bikes. So after each indoor ride i have to go and change the bike on Xert rides whereas on Zwift or FulGaz rides, the correct bike is selected automatically on Strava as you can set different bikes for different types or rides on Strava.

To fix the issue I have with the virtual ride. I have resorted to other means.

I use ActivityFix to change the activity automatically. I was to much of a hassle to change manually. An other option could be Strautomator (no experience with this one).

Basically find something unique to your ride a change it the way want. Just until Xert makes the ride virtual

Hope this helps

Hi everyone,

I’ve made a note for our developers. It’s something we can look into in the future - but we have some other high-priority projects that we’re occupied with at the moment. Cheers!