Sync from Xert to Strava

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just a quick one - what data is sent to Strava if I check the Sync from Xert to Strava checkbox on the Strava page? Do I need it checked if I am syncing the other way (Strava > Xert)?


That depends - if you also use the Strava app to record outdoor rides, then yes. If you only ride indoors using the Xert app, then no. If you ride outdoors with a Garmin and sync Garmin to Strava, then also yes, BUT, I would recommend to sync from Garmin to Xert and from Xert to Strava (which is already on) and do not sync Garmin to Strava. If you use Strava segments on your Edge, then you would lose that, but you can install the Xert Segment Hunter IQ app.

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Thanks Robert, that makes sense. I ride with a Wahoo Bolt so don’t have access to the Garmin functionality. Indoors I workout through Zwift which syncs to Strava as well, so i’ll leave that box unchecked.

Even with a Wahoo, you can create a Garmin account, as it is free and will take the Wahoo registration. I’ve stopped using it, but I have a Bolt that I had on my CX bike, used also for mountain trips and a Garmin Edge 530 on my TT bike.

Your Bolt will also take all your favorite Strava segments, like a Garmin does. Zwift also connects to Garmin, BUT it will use the time zone of the course you are riding, so it may show up a day earlier or later. Strava is smarter than that and uses your local time.

Anyway, it’s up to you - you can leave it as is, or create a Garmin account and sync everything to that, then to Xert and from Xert to Strava. But remember, if your Bolt syncs to Strava, you will need to check Strava to Xert too, to get your outdoor rides on Xert.

Thanks for all your help Robert, I think i’ll keep it simple at this stage and just leave it as is.

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