Swift and Xert

Is there a way I can use Xert on my Karoo 2 computer and still cycle in the Swift world , keeping to the training plan on my head unit


The Ultimate Guide to Training with Xert and Zwift – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

I just did it today - it’s great! At the moment, you’d need to sideload Xert EBC (not hard, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you aren’t super techy).

However, Xert EBC should be widely available for K2 users in the near future. Similar to the article posted above by @ridgerider2, you’d be able to pair to PM, Trainer, & HRM via ANT+ on the K2 and then pair Power, HR, & Cadence (no trainer control) via BT to Zwift. This would allow you to do Xert’s SMART workouts which simultaneously riding in Zwift.

Great I’ve side loaded the Zwift companion so I should imagine it’s the same for Xert . Can you direct me to where to get the Xert apk please thanks again

Try https://www.xertonline.com/XertEBC. Once installed, you can use the About page to check for updates.

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