Summertime Xert Academy Sessions!

Want to grow your Xert IQ? Join me for a group workout & Xert Academy session and we can chat about how you can Discover your fitness with Xert. :slight_smile: Great opportunity for those that may be new to Xert, or those who’ve been on the platform for a while and haven’t had a chance to join an Xert Academy Session yet.

Next Xert Academy session is posted for later this month!
Check out the session details & join the session from here.

So far we’ve had a good chunk of folks sign up! Hoping to continue seeing more folks register and join me on June 24th for the group session!

Unfortunately, I cannot attend the Academy on June 24th. Is there a schedule of upcoming, additional classes I may attend? Thx.

Scott, the session is at 18:00 on the 24th June.
What time zone is that please.

Displays in the time zone as defined under your Account Settings so that’s your time. :slight_smile: