Summary of XSS and other parameters changes

When i first view the summary after a workout i get one set of values as in this example:

I then view the workout and edit the name to include the location and date for future refetence. Once i exit, if i go back and view the workout later the values change. They typically increase significantly. Why do they change? Which is correct?

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The values should not change unless something odd is going on with your signature and the recorded activity.
Tap the circle and post the Forecasted/Completed screenshot.
Also go to Activities tab, view details, post the table and power chart, preferably the desktop view.
Why do you feel you need to duplicate the date? (shown on multiple pages)
What does location refer to in your example?
How was the workout recorded? If Garmin Connect IQ app instead of EBC, are you sure your fitness signature is in sync with your Garmin device?

I record workouts using an Edge 530 bike computer or Forerunner 955 watch. Save the activity, then it syncs over to Xert.

Xert overwrites the name from Garmin and assigns its own name. Here is today’s activity:

“Moderate Mixed Breakaway Specialist Ride” - that name isn’t useful for me. I edit the names with the route I rode (in this case, “Tiger Rag Loop”, a mountain bike route). I add the date to differentiate the different times I’ve ridden a route (in this case, today, once in January, once in December, and several times last year).

I do this so when I look at the planner for an outdoor ride to satisfy my training for a day, I can see past rides that are good options. If I leave the default Xert name, unless I can recognize the route from the map, it’s hard to tell which past activity is similar to the training need for today. If I don’t include the date in the title, I have to open the individual activity to see the date and know which time I rode the route is a match.

Here is today’s activity after changing the name:

Again, editing the name significantly changes the XSS and other details. I wouldn’t expect that to happen.

I suggest you file a support request with and provide your screenshots.
The XSS values should not change.