Suggestion: Show pure target power

Looking at the hardness tests.

It would be good if it was possible to also see target power instead of only “XSS per hour” and “% of LTP”, etc.

Clicking on the power graph to see the power for one point at the time is cumbersome.

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Yeah I agree

There is a table which I think shows what you are after. Top of the workout page

Perhaps I’m missing something but XSSR intervals are always varying in a non-linear fashion if MPA has been depleted, so which number would you want to be shown?


As @themagicspanner notes it isn’t practical to do this since the targets are XSS per hour intervals which are curvilinear and variable by design.
You would have to convert the workout to %FTP blocks and lose benefits of advanced interval types available with Workout Designer.

With hardness tests you start at a matching status level. So a 3 star athlete would start with the 3 diamond workout which is Hardness Test - Level 05. Then over time move up the ladder and see how far your can go. YMMV but if you like a challenge jump up a diamond or two and prepare to suffer. :grimacing:

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